welcome to my coding hub
• passionfruit •  
Born out of frustration with mundane repetition, Passionfruit.css aims to simplify the design process for web designers. No more mucking around in your CSS setting the same values for padding and margins on different elements. With basic, reusable classes that can be stacked like bricks, you can build the next masterpiece with less stress, and in less time.

Eventually, the goal is also to make Passionfruit cleaner, leaner, and more versatile, so that your websites can load quickly, but still adapt to any form factor with ease. Already, Passionfruit provides a number of responsive classes and components, as demonstrated by this site itself.
• orange juice •  
 early development
A framework that relies mainly on semantic HTML as opposed to classes. Create a semantic web page, drop in Orange Juice CSS, and breakfast is served!
• toolboxJS •  
 early development
A simple library of Javascript functions, meant to save you from needing an entire framework for basic tasks. It is not meant to be a full JS framework, and it isn't intended to compete with the giants, like JQuery.
• anole framework •  
 in development
A css framework designed for websites that adapt to their environment like Anole lizards.
Intended to be usable without any javascript whatsoever.

In early development.
wip demo/docs:
• firefly suite •  
"More playground than application"

The goal with FireFly is to create a suite of components than can be swapped on the fly, so that everything happens in one place with no need to navigate away. The concept is still being fleshed out, but look for the first code to drop soon.

  • Every page is a canvas - its contents a work of art.
  • You're here to be served.
    You should never have to navigate to somewhere else to find what you're looking for.
  • Less reliance on menus.
• glass-maker •  
Add glass to any website with a single css stylesheet! Can be used with passionfruit, as the class names do not overlap.
• orchid-mantis •  
A mobile-first, front-end development framework.
Much like a real life Mantis, Orchid Mantis will stay "quiet" and unassuming, both in design elements and in terms of the developer experience.

Designed with back-end developers in mind, it will be quick and easy to build mobile-ready websites and interfaces that look great out of the box.

Currently in initial development.
• garden variety •  
 in early development
Garden Variety is a social network interface template. It consists (currently) of a single CSS stylesheet, and a single demo page.

However, the intention is to turn it into a fully fledged suite of CSS stylesheets and a JS library, that can be used as an interface for a new social network. It's an ambitious idea, but I'm excited to see where it ends up.
"The longest journey
begins with a single step."
- R. L. Taylor.