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welcome to my coding hub
• passionfruit •  
Born out of frustration with mundane repetition, Passionfruit.css aims to simplify the design process for web designers. No more mucking around in your CSS setting the same values for padding and margins on different elements. With basic, reusable classes that can be stacked like bricks, you can build the next masterpiece with less stress, and in less time.

Eventually, the goal is also to make Passionfruit cleaner, leaner, and more versatile, so that your websites can load quickly, but still adapt to any form factor with ease. Already, Passionfruit provides a number of responsive classes and components, as demonstrated by this site itself.
• anole framework •  
 in development
A css framework designed for websites that adapt to their environment like Anole lizards.
Intended to be usable without any javascript whatsoever.

In early development.
wip demo/docs:
• firefly suite •  
A mobile-ready suite of CSS and Javascript, designed to be simple, fast, and flexible.
Currently in a conceptual phase.

Aim: design on par with function. Design that's as fun as usage.

  • Every page is a canvas - its contents a work of art.
  • Life is best done brightly - the web should shine just as well. Bright colours are preferred.
  • It shouldn't be hard to find your way around. Less menus and lists.
  • It isn't just about phones and tablets anymore - responsive design is for everyone.
  • No more ugly. I mean it!
• glass-maker •  
Add glass to any website with a single css stylesheet! Can be used with passionfruit, as the class names do not overlap.
• orchid-mantis •  
A concept at this point. Basically just playing around with an idea. If I like it, it will become a full-fledged CSS Framework. If necessary, I'll throw some Javascript in the mix. Who knows what it will become?
"The longest journey
begins with a single step."
- R. L. Taylor.