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my somewhat wise sayings

"You don't wanna hear it, but imma talk about it"

Welcome to my soapbox, of sorts. It's not a blog, at least not yet. Think of it as a repository of opinions, opinions that may be useful, informative, and make you think. You can't comment for now, but that may change in the future.

so what will I talk about?
Whatever's on my mind. I'm a bit of a global citizen, so don't worry about where I'm from.

There are a number of ground rules though:

so let's talk about it then!
"The Chipotle Incident"
A bunch of wisely-brotha dudes decided that black people didn't look bad enough in the public eye, so they took it upon themselves to give racism apologists some additional ammunition. Not smart.
The Danger Of Unaddressed "White Guilt"
I could be wrong, but I believe that a large driving factor behind much of the rise in racism in this age is unaddressed "white guilt."
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