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my somewhat wise sayings

"You don't wanna hear it, but imma talk about it"

Welcome to my soapbox, of sorts. It's not true a blog, at least not yet.
Think of it as a repository of opinions, opinions that may be useful, informative, and make you think.
You can't comment for now, but that may change in the future.
so what will I talk about?
Whatever's on my mind. I'm a bit of a global citizen, so don't worry about where I'm from.
There are a number of ground rules though:
  • I'm a Christian and my perspective is through that lens.
  • I'm not setting out to offend anyone, but that's inevitable.
  • You don't have to agree with me, and that's perfectly fine. That's the beauty of opinions. Anyone can have them, anyone can share them, but we don't have to cosign them. If you should choose to follow me to twitter to voice your disagreement, just remember, you stepped on to my turf first. I didn't borrow your eyes and read it for you.
  • I'm not here to call names, it's nothing personal.
  • If you're looking for gossip, get lost.
  • I'm not looking for a fight. I'm just talking about things that stir my thoughts.

"Y'all Had A Black President!"

That never happened. Let's talk.

I Want To Understand

How can they watch and not be moved? #BlackLivesDontSeemToMatter

Sexuality Supremacy

Somehow, some people have convinced themselves that their sexuality gives them a special insight into, or exemption from, the plague of white supremacy. It's often evidenced by statements such as:

"I'm not racist, I'm gay!"
"I know what it's like for (any on-white group) because I'm queer."
"I didn't understand white supremacy because I'm not a person of colour, Jewish, or part of the LGBT community."

Let me clear: You're not fooling anyone but yourself.

"The Chipotle Incident"
A bunch of wisely-brotha dudes decided that black people didn't look bad enough in the public eye, so they took it upon themselves to give racism apologists some additional ammunition. Not smart.
The Internet Knife
A recent incident of accidentally offending someone made me think about one of the primary challenges of social media.
Why We Stand Down
"A wise warrior needs to know when not to join in the fight of today, lest he be to dead for the fight of tomorrow."

As "black" people, when facing racist incidents, your default instinct may be to fight back. Let's talk about why that may not always be expedient; why we sometimes have to stand down.
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