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Some time ago (depending on when you read this), I came across a viral tweet, claiming to highlight yet-another-incidence-of-pointless-racism.
As would almost anyone, I quickly shared it to my followers, but, something didn't feel right to me. I thank God for that check-in-the-spirit.
Something wasn't right indeed. These three (was it three?) wise men were lying. Bravo! Cue massive eye-roll.
...but why tho?
the fallout
You'd think a simple backlash would suffice, right? Just call them out on their nonsense, let the world know it's a false alarm, and move on, yeah?
Yeah right. This is the real world. There are people who literally make it their business to spread propaganda along the lines of "racism isn't real", "black people are making it up", and "blacks are the real racists!"

So it should come as no surprise, then, that just few days later, when I was searching Youtube for something to listen to while I work, I came across a number of videos by the usual subjects (I won't name them, they need no further promotion), referencing "The Chipotle Incident", with titles along the lines of
"Another 'Racist' Incident Exposed As False!"

"No big deal!", I hear you saying. Except these people have a following, and a massive following at that. Individually, many of them have follower counts in the hundreds of thousands. Some in the millions. Combined, that's a lot of people.

Now, I'm not "worried" per se, in my part of the world, I have it pretty easy. I mean, after all, I live in a majority black country. I can go (almost) anywhere in my country and not have the slightest thought or fear of racism. Plus, in my worldview as a Christian, I know that some day, everything will "be just fine", because "God will sort it out". And you know what? I could leave it right there. I know there are many people who would prefer that I do. But I won't.

The reality is that incidents like these are not happening in isolation. Like a nuclear reactor melting down in the middle of the pacific (remember that?), every incident has a fallout of much greater consequence. This is true whether it goes viral or not. Every time you lie on someone to escape a situation of your own making, it has a fallout of proportions you cannot begin to imagine. Your single act of wrong can stay with someone else for life. It certainly stays with you, unless you seek redemption.

How much more then, when the such an incident is played out on the world stage?

Think. What started as a few sillyphants trying to get away with a 'dine and dash' evolved into a battlefield, and what happened somewhere in a single Chipotle in somewhere in the US, has reached all the way to me - thousands of miles away on a tiny island. Imagine that scope. Now think what that does when it reaches the eyes, ears and minds of people who've never seen/interacted with black people in real life. Worse yet, think what that does in the minds of people who have, but were on the fence about their racism and just looking for an excuse to dive in. Congratulations, professor. You've just given them all the reason they need to go ahead and be full on racist.

Oh and one more thing... for anyone still wondering why I should care when I'm not even American

Thanks to the power of the internet, television, etc, propaganda intended for an American or maybe European/Australian/Canadian/New Zealander(?) audience is heard loud and clear right here in my lovely slice of paradise. Yes, that's right. Even here in beautiful, beautiful Barbados, there are people soaking up the nonsense of Faux News and the like. Imagine the conversations I've had with people who refuse to accept reality and admit that they've been swallowing and believing in lies. Yes, the seed has been planted, and with the soil of a colonial "past" to grow in, it's quietly reaching for the sun. I've already seen the signs of agitation, and it's disconcerting.

Do I think we'll ever have to deal with the level of open hatred that's been sweeping the world in recent years? Maybe not. But it would be nice if I didn't even have to consider it a possibility.

But even if that day never comes, I have family in the "land of the free". I have family who were a part of the "Windrush Generation" in Britain. I have family in Canada and other parts of the world were we aren't the majority, and where the mold of hatred is spreading. So for me, this is about more than being a watchman on the wall and calling out for the approaching wolf. People close to me could be bitten too.

Anyway, let me end my rant. This soapbox is hard to stand on.
so thanks, breh!
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