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I Want To Understand

How are you unmoved? #BlackLivesDontSeemToMatter

first - let me acknowledge:

All others suffering oppression and violence around the world. I may be far away at times turn a blind eye as well, but I have not forgetten you. I trust and believe that one day, justice will come, and you will be established, unmovable.


I want to understand

How it is that we supposedly live in an enlightened world, in an enlightened "western society", in a region of the world where everyone thinks themselves so socially advanced, and yet the sights and sounds of black men, women, and children being hunted, slaughtered, paraded around as trophies, tortured, exploited, falsely convicted, hurt, abused, used, trampled on, ignored...

...cannot get much more than a sappy post on social media, or a cardboard sign with big letters.

I want to understand how you can be satisfied to pat yourselves on the back, because you read a book, or you listened to a TED Talk, and so now, you're "woke" and you "get it." Or maybe, your one of the good ones - you "know you don't get it", so you have all the right buzzwords and phrases. You know how to bend over backwards like Mr. Fantastic or Elastigirl, all so your virtuous image as "the one who acknowledges their privilege" is not tarnished. Whoop. dee. doo. I feel the earth shaking beneath me. So ground-breaking.

I want to understand how you can watch a video of a black man being hunted and shot worse than an animal

(at least they take their time and aim before they fire, and they have special hunting rifles, not just any old shotgun will do - and they would never indiscriminately chase and shoot a random deer in the streets! There are special parks and licenses for that!)

AND still turn around and write some assinine comment like "Why are you making this about race?" or "Do you hate white people?" or "They thought he was a criminal!" or "He was a robbery suspect" or "I love everyone!" or "When I was growing up I had a black friend!" or "I had a black doll and I loved it so much!" or "Let's wait for the facts to come out" or whatever garbage you put your fingers to write!

I want to understand how you turn on the news, see a black child get shot, cry (to make yourself feel like one of the good ones - sorry, I'm cynical and I'm not apologizing for it at this point), and then go back to playing minecraft or whatever it is you. I want to understand how you then turn around and profess "I don't see colour!" That isn't what you don't see. I can tell you that. You don't see a lot of things, obviously.

You don't see justice through, that's what.

I want to know how you can watch attrocity after attrocity, and do nothing. Oh, I'm sorry, you marched with Dr. King. 50 something years ago. Golly. Thank! YOU.

You held a sign and got hoarse at a rally. So inspiring.

You held a candle and stared at the ground. Life-saving. Really.

I want to understand how my anger, and the anger of so many other black people expressed in mere words just to cool our heads, gets stupid and idiotic responses like "SO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

Writing this post, genius. You tell me what I'm supposed to do when I'm watching my people get slaughtered and exploited around the world, but know that even if I had billions, it would mean nothing, because we as a people hold no sway in this world. Go on. Let me hear it.

I want to understand how you think that your platitudes of "I'm so sorry", mean something. Without action.

No. I don't want you to get a gun and shoot somebody. I want you to get a clue. Get a clue. Get a clue and do. Do something substantial.

Something substantial like... quit being a racist. That's a start. Or maybe, quit getting antsy because I'm not talking fancy. That's progress. Give me the respect of my fully humanity even when I'm not rich or famous. If you like me, don't make it a fetish. Is that so hard? If you hate me, hate me because I'm being a jerk, or because my breath stinks, or something. Asking too much? Let me date your daughter, without it being "if he's a nice man and he treats you right!" Did I say that? Yes I did. Let me walk the street without it being *an event.* Be my friend without announcing it to the world 10 years later as your "get out of racism free card." Believe me, we don't do that crap.

Speaking of which, have you ever heard black people saying nonsense like "I have a white friend!" No. You don't hear that. We have friends. OR we don't. End of story.

If you want to make a difference, here's a suggestion - live in such a way that an angry, rambling, aimless SCREAM at the world like this isn't necessary. AND don't ask me how to do it.

PRETTY SURE you can figure that out. Because you're so smart. And we're not. Or at least if we were, you would listen - WITHOUT having to be heard all the time. Without having to have the last say. WITHOUT having to rephrase what we said for YOUR PEOPLE to listen.

Anyway, I feel a little better now. I will stop ranting. Y'all go back to whatever it is you were doing before you started reading this. And don't show this to your "black friends," either.

I'm pretty sure they didn't ask.

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