Roland L. Taylor

Hi! I'm Roland L. Taylor - web & graphics designer, photographer, creative & technical writer, founder of RolandiXor Media Inc . This is a showcase of some of my work, but it is by no means an exhaustive list of my contributions to the world.

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    My work combines carefully honed techniques & experience with boundless exploration.
    Effective visual communication is key to driving meaningful enagement. I don't just see customers & conversions, I see collaborative continuity.
    The success of others is my ultimate satisfaction, so I put my heart into my handiwork. graphics
    web design

web design

When it comes to the frontend, I love getting my hands dirty - digging into the ground-level of the stack (HTML/CSS/JS) to find that sweet spot between clean design, impressive visuals, and snappy performance.

Brief history

Having cut my teeth on the popular Bootstrap framework, I've since grown to craft my own, such as the Anole framework . In addition, I actively develop multiple original website templates. Over years, my interest in CSS has gone from a simple curiousity, to an overwhelming passion. So much so, I've even made a game of it!

graphic design

My design process begins from the moment a keyword is dropped my way. Whether a client knows exactly what they're looking for, or just has a rough idea of what could be, I listen for those core themematic elements that inspire and shape their vision.

Experience Overview

I've touched everything from intricate pixel art (much of it lost to time) to digital painting, to vector graphics and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) in both stills and animations. When I'm not crafting wonderous works of art, I'm taking in new concepts to apply at the next opportunity.

Favourite work

Along with paid work, I've put my skills to use in giving back to the global community. One of my proudest contributions was to the popular Numix Project, to which I contributed multiple high-quality icons, including icons for Dia, Arronax, Xiphos, and Bluefish.

Brief history

From childhood, my mind has wandered the halls of creativity and imagination, seeking new opportunities to bring uniquely fresh ideas to life. Though arts and crafts in the analog world were my primary pursuit in those early days, I'd always been drawn to the unfettered realm of the digital space. Ever since I could get my hands on a mouse, I've been pushing pixels - for so long in fact, I can't even remember the age when I got started!

software & tools

The software listed here gives an overview of my standard toolset. However, I'm very much interested in using other tools. It's all about finding the best route to get the job done, and done well.
  • Inkscape Mockups Vector Graphics Desktop Publishing

  • Glaxnimate Motion Graphics Animations

  • Blender 3D Stills Animations

  • GIMP Photo Manipulation Textures

  • Kdenlive Video Editing Compositing

  • Pinta Quick Edits Photo Manipulation

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