Roland L. Taylor

Hi! I'm Roland L. Taylor: web & graphics designer, photographer, writer and more. This is a showcase of some of my work, but it is by no means an exhaustive list of my contributions to the world.

Tech stack

frontend dev

Within the frontend stack, I primarily work with CSS, my passion. I have extensive experience using industry standard frameworks, such as Bootstrap. Addditionally, I actively develop my own frameworks and templates. I've also built a JavaScript utility library, ToolboxJS, to streamline my workflow.

digital graphics

For my graphics stack, I primarily use open standards, software and formats where possible (eg. Inkscape/SVG, Blender 3D), but I also make use of popular tools, such as Figma. Generally, I'm flexible and will work with any tool. Besides, I relish any opportunity to get my hands on a new experience! I know how to strike the delicate balance between rapid ideation and meticulous polish.

My designs are crafted to stand out, and my results are built to last.