The following examples are merely a sample of my full body of work.


Responsive Image Descriptions

Learn how to create image descriptions that change depending on the conditions you define. You'll also learn how to use CSS custom properties (variables), pseudo-elements, and more.

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2-div Cell Phone (CSS Art)

Ever wanted to create one of those cool pieces of CSS Art that's all the rave these days? Well now you can! In this post I show you how to create a cell phone with just two divs! We'll even include some fancy sheen on the screen of the phone, and three buttons (volume up/down, and power), as found on many popular smartphones.

Perfect for anyone at any level!

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Bouncing Ball With CSS

CSS is a powerful language. The best way to find out just how powerful it really is, is playing around with real-world projects that teach new techniques, or employ old methods in new ways. This post will show you how to use CSS to create "curtains" that open on hover!

Another CSS tutorial for beginners.

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Creating Curtains With CSS

A CSS tutorial for beginners, this post shows how to use CSS to draw and animate a "ball".
Perfect for those now getting an understanding of the basics of CSS.

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On Design: Before You Dive In

An important part of design is knowing your scope, your limits, and your possibilities. This post will help you with that process, and provide you with tips to improve your design process (and thus, your skills) overall.

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Why use a framework/library where regular CSS will do?

In this post, I covered 5 reasons why you should use a CSS Framework, including:

  1. Consistency
  2. Identity
  3. Streamlining
  4. Ease of 'onboarding'
  5. Learning
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