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Are you riding the tech wave, or feeling washed out by software's conundrums?

We don't just offer solutions to your existing problems, or answers to your pressing questions. We bring enriching experiences, that streamline your operations, boost security, and cut immediate and long-term costs!

Think of us as your tech-savvy best friend who not only understands your software challenges but transforms them into opportunities for creativity and success.

open new realms

Cloud Services all in your control.

take back control

With companies shelving mission critical tools, shuttering services on a whim, or making essential software, platforms, and services inaccessible, taking control of your technology has never been more essential.

Cloud Services all in your control.

let's hook you up

...with the good stuff! It's our to mission link you with powerful, cost-effective software and platforms that free you to focus on getting things done:

  • Office Software
  • Creative Software
  • Financial Tools
  • Data Management
  • Operating systems (Based on Linux)
  • Much more+

build on firm foundations

Cloud Services all in your control.

fueled by freedom

Software should just work and do its job. Don't you hate it when a critical app stops working because of some hidden gimmick, or a nasty clause you didn't know you needed to read?

We do too, because we've been there.

Cloud Services all in your control.

open source + open standards... first

Open software and open standards give the power to the people, to examine, to contribute, and to use without restrictions.

The benefits? Improved security, enhanced freedoms, and longevity beyond the life cycle of the software itself.

At RolandiXor Media, we eat, drink, sleep, and breathe both software freedom and technological flexibility. Our software solutions are built on the idea that you should be free to do what you want to do with the software that you own.

transform your workspaces

Cloud Services all in your control.

rest easy

Never lose another hour of sleep to a complex and cumbersome computer systems budget. Let us take that load off you with systems analysis and guidance and ensure you have just what you need and some room to grow!

We'll help you find the hardware and software that works for your situation, sync everything up, and provide maintenance along the way.

cloud solutions

Cloud Services all in your control.

streamline everything

Experience a truly synchronized environment - one you can take with you everywhere you go.

When you can link every capable device in your possession with your own data - you become your own cloud provider! Let's join forces to make what was once mere tech fantasy an absolute reality.

truly own your data

Did we mention its your own data? We'll help you find the best software solutions to make the most of it!

operating systems solutions

Linux Solutions

grab your digital passport

Linux-powered operating systems are built from the ground up on these very principles — placing no arbitrary restrictions on how you use them.

Watch the charm of these same principles bring peace of mind in your business, home, work or entertainment environment!

Live liberated

let's go!

Experience the lasting power of open source software, and unlock a world of free (yes, we mean costs, too!) software tools available with the click of a button.

Dive into the Linux experience – because your digital journey should be as bold and dynamic as you are! Join the tech utopia where you control the narrative!

tech support + training

Cloud Services all in your control.

got your back

Feeling stuck? Running into problems? Give us a call - even if we're not the ones who set it up. If we understand it, we'll help! If we don't, we'll point you in the right direction. Hey, we get it!

Software is hard.

Getting support for it shouldn't be.

Cloud Services all in your control.

soar high, without running dry!

Get up to speed with software training for teams and individuals. Never waste time poking around with things you can't understand again!

software + general tech fixes

Calling RolandiXor Media Inc.

no biggie

Got something you can't quite figure out but think we might be able to fix?

Give us a shout! We won't turn you away even if you think it's too simple of a question.

We're here to help!

experience true freedom

Contact us for software solutions

Take back your tech freedom and join the open world with Software Solutions from RolandiXor Media Inc. Find a true tech friend who won't turn you down!

Ready to get started? Reach out today!

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