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Do you know the true value of having your own, custom-built website? Your website is not just another place on the web, it's your home - free to be customized and decked out to scream your name.

Why settle for the average, bog-standard, site-builder re-wash when you can have it all?

Go above and beyond, connect with your audience on a new level. Boost your online presence from a mere blip in the cosmos, to the epicenter of the action!

custom designs

Website Example - Yttrium Financial

upgrade from commonality

As the technologies that build the internet have grown, the need to get results quickly has led to a rise of ubiquity in design. To truly outshine the competition, you need something more than mere novelty, you need true intrigue.

RolandiXor Media Inc. delivers captivating, user-friendly, highly custom websites that elevate your outreach and ensure your dreams turn to triumph!

flexibility + peace of mind

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we all grow up

When your business changes and develops, your site will also need to adapt and grow. As your versatile vision partner, we'll ensure your site grows with it. From blogs to dynamic image galleries and 3rd party integrations, we've got you covered.

Website Example - Janae

goodness served uncomplicated

To maintain your site's speed and efficiency, we carefully avoid over-engineering. Building our stack on the power of simplicity, we produce efficient, yet robust websites.

We'll always stand firm on this principle — while delivering modern designs, and clean engineering.

setup + hosting + maintenance

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no need to set up

Don't know how to set up and manage a website? No problem. Not having the tech savvy to run your own site should never be a barrier to success, nor mean that you're only relegated to the limits imposed by other service providers.

We'll even help you set up cloud services, hosted on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) of your own.

Website Example - Glammer Pro

no need to look back

Once your site is established, you shouldn't need to micro-manage every detail to keep it active either. Building your site with us takes this pressure off your back. We'll handle design, deployment, hosting and maintainance.

Furthermore, we offer comprehensive backup solutions, optionally integrated with your personal cloud server.

solid foundations

Website Example - quickFolio Features

rock on

Building on a solid foundation is essential to the longevity and sustainability of any project, and your website is no different. We carefully choose battle-tested platforms and tools to ensure your site's security and solidity.

To keep your site safe from intrusions, we'll set up all the necessary protocols and protections, including HTTPS encryption, Fail2Ban, and more.

form ≡ function

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ground-up efficiency

One of the most common misconceptions of website design is that you need a boring design if you want to have the critical essentials, like accessibility, or page speed and search optimization.

Website Example - quickFolio Features

style: uncompromised

By leveraging modern web technologies and adhering to web standards, we ensure that your site is highly optimized for functionality, while retaining the highest levels of aesthetic appeal.

analytics & optimization

Website Example - quickFolio Features

no stone unturned

Having a home address is of little use if no one knows it. Likewise, having a website without SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is like being the lone needle in a million haystacks.

Fortunately, that's one less thing to worry about when you partner with us. From inception, we craft your site for the best results.

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all the pretty numbers

Having a bird's eye view of your site's performance is key to finding your tribe and ensuring you're hitting your targets.

By leveraging the power of the best tools, we provide advanced analytics solutions that help you know exactly what works and what doesn't.

social media integration

Website Example - quickFolio Awards Page

it's really you

In a world full of fakes, it's essential that you verify your identity in every way you can. Through social media integration, you can rest assured that your site is surely recognized everywhere the same.

Website Example - quickFolio Awards Page

Don't have your own pages?

No worries - check out our social media services to see how we can set you up with exactly what you need.

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