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bells and whistles? yes

Every website you build with me, you get all the bells and whistles:

free analytics:

Measure your site's performance (even in real time), using open source software that won't sell your data to a third-party or make a profit for themselves. Find out what keeps people coming back, and capitalize on it.

optimized performance:

Pages that load faster, tend to gain more traction. I aim for quick loading times and quick responses, without trimming corners on beauty and functionality.

responsive designs:

Each design is custom built (unless you request otherwise), and all designs are tested extensively to cover as many variables and form-factors as possible.

my design principles

My designs are built around a number of simple, but effective principles:

 custom designs

Themes and templates are fine, but if you really want your site to stand out, it's best to invest in custom-built designs. You get more control of the finished product, and can better match your tastes and design goals.

I will work with you to create a vision that truly represents your brand and your values.

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Demo image
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form = function

I hold form to be of equal importance to function. That is why I've taken the initiative to craft frameworks that make your websites as beautiful as they are functional. Each framework is open source.

web design is art

Every site is a canvas.
Every page is art.
Every pixel is polished to perfection.


My designs are more than just lines of code. As an artist, I value the impact of good visuals. Your website will benefit from the love of a personal touch.

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