cut time, not corners

Building a new space on the web requires striking the right balance between design and functionality. It can be a fun process, but as we all know, it takes a lot of time and effort building, testing, rewriting and trying again. That's where I'm seeking to fill the gaps. With each design featured here, you can dive right into building and deploy faster with more confidence.

Here you'll find everything from simple landing pages, to complex product sites and personal showcases. My designs feature a mix of current trends, proven standards, and my unique flair. These designs are solid enough to fit your needs and drive engagement, yet unique enough to help you stand out in a crowded internet landscape.

Accentual a designer's delight

Designed to draw upon the beauty of printed media and reminscence on the finer side of life, Accentual is an open source template for designers and non-designers alike.

This super-simple design is easy to replicate, and needs little modification, especially if you're not relying on images and flashy animations.

Accentual Pro A designer's delight - exalted

Expanding upon the deceptively simple Accentual template, Accentual Pro adds additional layouts, themes, and much more!

Perfect for building sites with a journalistic theme.

Aesthetic It just looks good!

A beautiful, minimalist landing page that's sure to inspire creativity. Using pure HTML/CSS/JS, Aesthetic is easy to integrate, extend and interate upon.

Cumcumber Simple, Open Source, Fun

First created as a demo during one of my educational streams, Cucumber is a great starter template for new web designers who want to try their hand at a playing with a little bit of CSS flair.

I've kept both the source and design of this template minimalistic on purpose. Even as new features are added over time, I'll be sure to keep the theme of the initial design intact.

Eventide Inspired by the golden hour

My favourite time of day is the "golden hour", when the sun casts its most beautiful light. "Eventide" was designed to capture the beauty of this "golden hour" with subtle hints on a sun-kissed background.

A minimalist landing page template for rapid site development.

Glammer Open Source Edition Because you deserve excellence

Initially designed live on stream, Glammer was inspired by my own portfolio, to help other creators who need a pre-built theme for rapid deployment. I've since gone on to create Glammer Pro, which features responsive layouts, additional components for displaying offered services, and even a mini CSS framework with documentation.


  • Free
  • Light
  • open-source

Glammer Pro Because you deserve excellence

Whether you're a gifted artist looking to showcase your greatest works, or a photographer bringing out the best in beautiful people, building your portfolio can prove to be quite the challenge. Ask me how I know - been there.

That's why I've created Glammer Pro, because creators deserve good things too.


  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Themeable

Manduca for the outstanding among us


  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Themeable

Nightfall it's never too late to win

A personal favourite of the designer, Nightfall is perfect for anyone who wants to land a good impression. The entire design leverages a modern aeshetic: a glass-look and selective blurs employed to allow the backdrop to shine without diminishing readibility.


  • modern
  • speedy
  • Themeable

Peacekeeper Clean. Semantic. Ready.

A powerful single-page website template, Peacekeeper couples minimalist efficiency with unadulterated beauty.


  • Lightweight
  • Themeable
  • Subtle

Photogenic if it's worth a thousand words...

...let it speak for itself. An uncomplicated template with photographers with and artists in mind. Features include three built in layours, unintrusive, yet fully responsive design, and built in toolbar that you can hook up with your own functions as needed.

Quickfolio Get that portfolio done. Quickly.

When you need to get your portfolio done, done right, and done quick — this is the template for you. All you need to do is drop in your content and deploy!

    Comes in three variants:
  • QuickFolio
  • QuickFolio Bright
  • QuickFolio Colors