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Glammer Pro Documentation: Introduction

Welcome to the Glammer Pro docs! Here you'll find some basic instructions to help you get started using or modifying Glammer Pro for your own website. Glammer Pro was designed from the ground up to be simple, straightforward, and easy to use/modify, but if you have questions or need additional support, you may contact the designer.

Glammer Pro Framework

Glammer Pro's glammer.css is a full css framework. Each additional stylesheet for each of the included sub-pages, acts as an extension of the base framework. You can find more details about the Glammer Pro framework in the Glammer Pro Framework Docs.

Glammer Pro: Basics


By default, Glammer Pro uses three fonts:

  • Site Title: Comforter
  • Headers & Headings: Bebas Neue
  • All Other Content: Lato

You can replace these fonts with your own, throughout the template, by changing three variables in `glammer.css`:

  • --glam-title-font-family
    Used for the site title.
  • --glam-heading-font-family
    Used for headers and headings.
  • --glam-heading-font-family
    Used for headers and headings.

Standard Pages

Glammer Pro is a full website template consisting of four main pages. Each of these pages is self contained, and in some cases, self-documented.

  • About me

    A simple page with a text blurb, portrait photo, and some social media links.
    Can be used as a landing page, or repurposed for any use.
  • Portfolio

    A dedicated photo-based portfolio layout, which can double as a landing page.
  • Services

    A complex page with multiple possible layouts.
  • Contact

    A simple, fully responsive contact form.

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