Life At The Speed Of Wind

Live life with no stress. That's the best route when you're blessed.

The Flame That Never Dies

We danced to the tune of the fire in the light.
We felt the energy in the stillness of the night.
We captured moments in the canvas of our minds.
We spoke no longer, but there was something left behind.

Artistry In Motion

Always ready, ever prepared, perpetually engaged in the journey within.

Crafted by purpose

That's the point.

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people and poetry

Thoughts and things

I thought you might need them

Ever notice how just looking at a flower can boost your mood? I don't how you're feeling, but even it's good, it can always be better. So I got you some flowers.

Hope you like them!

Life in the tropics

Nothing quite like going down to the beach and watching people enjoy the wind and waves. All the while, palm trees watch over our every move, like the stately guardians they are. I wonder what's their favourite part...

The people, or the other palm trees?

Worth it, either way

Life and its cycles have so many lessons to teach us. Whether coming or going, bringing or leaving something behind, we're all making our impact in this world, one way or another. No matter who you are, the world needs you.

That's why you're here, you beautiful thing.

At the lighthouse

Hey, it's getting late out, I think. We should light up the world, so everyone can see where they're going.

What do you think?

Underestimated in fine measure

Not good for a man to be alone, well not all the time. Sometimes, you just need to get away from the noise and the hustle, get outside, and take in the stillness. There's great wisdom to be gained in listening to the silence on a beautiful evening.

It's better in tandem

You're not a copycat if you're emulating greatness. When you find your clan, it's like you've unlocked a hidden treasure, or learned you were born with superpowers! When you connect with the right people, walking the right path, there's nothing that can stop you or hold you back!


Snug in the arms of shelter and warmth — the best place to grow, whether that is young, or old.


Oh, the stories I could tell, but won't. They're for me to know, and for you to imagine.

sustained in motion

Unchanging, yet dynamic.
Unmoved, yet fluid.

Always on point

You know the amazing thing about light is, it always knows where it's going, it always leaves a mark, and it always keeps it moving until it gets the job done. Lightning is lighting speaking a little more, emphatically.

escape and embrace

That place you go to, you know the one, that's not a location, but surely a destination. Not a resort, but most certainly a refuge. You're doing it right now.

I'm talking about reading, of course.

absolutely calm

Nothing flustered about this one. Everything in place, everything at rest.

glammer pro