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 The Good Book
 read Proverbs
You can't "deny" what does not exist.
Learn wisely.
Learn widely.
If someone has made you angry, the only thing they need to know is that you exist, and you are alive.
Have you ever considered what the world would miss if you were gone?

You should.
Assumptions can take you many places.
Few of them are good.
Don't lose your vision just because you are standing in the smoke.
Stop looking for fire where there is none.
Eventually, you'll choke on your own smoke.
We're all children who got a little taller than we expected.
Don't jump into clear waters
if you haven't looked for the fish.
Walk a mile in another man's shoes, and soon, you will have no feet.
One need not always speak.
You cannot solve a problem
with more of the problem.
Those who don't like to pay attention to life's lessons despise those who do. As in any class, they are doomed to repetition, and eventually, expulsion.

Ignore them.
Pay attention.
Stay in school.
A wise warrior needs to know when
not to join in the fight of today,
lest he be too dead for the fight of tomorrow.
    In life there are many experiences:
  • Those we retain give us knowledge.
  • Those we relive give us wisdom.
  • Those we release give us understanding.
What you don't see tells you a lot more than what you do.
Healing words often come from places of pain.
Yes, it is possible that life really is as messed up for someone as they are telling you. Not everyone is masquerading, embellishing or lying.

How much better would it be if we actually gave people room to be real about their feelings instead of trying to make everyone pretend to mean it when they say "I'm fine!"?
Don't be a storm when someone is seeking a port.
Sometimes people really do mean what they say.
Be sure to know and respect your limits, because I can assure you, they know you, and they are not ashamed to call your name.
Even the brightest of lights get switched off at some point during the day. Don't assume your bubbly, happy friends are carrying an endless supply. They may be glowing because of the heat.
You will never be happy if you never admit there are some games you cannot win, and some battles you  should not fight.
Most people are born "perfect".
Some of us are outliers.
It may not be that you talk too much, but that you talk the right things to the wrong people.
Don't depend on the friend of your enemy, even if your enemy was once your friend.
A basket of stolen goods is by no means a safety net,
because when your inevitable fall comes,
it will surely disappear.
Any progress is progress.
When you are tempted to respond aggressively, that is often the best time to remain calm.
There is no such thing as returning a favour. A favour is a gift, and one you cannot give back. Your best response to favour is to be thankful, and where possible, to show favour back.
Wisdom does not come by quick thinking, but quick thinking comes by wisdom.
Beauty is as deep as the heart is willing to search out.
When we judge someone, we do so by what we cannot see. When we listen to another's heart, we can see without our eyes.
Freedom of speech is not freedom from responsibility. Use wisdom liberally, and with wisdom, use liberty.
A man is led by his decisions, just as his decisions are led by the man.
Which is better? To help someone because you can, or to Help someone because you want to? I say both.

If you can help someone, it should always be your will to do it.
If you have nothing to say, listen.
It is easy to see what someone does wrong, but oh so hard to see when they have done right, and gotten bad outcomes despite.
Don't  do  what you will want to  undo  later.
Not understanding someone is no reason not to appreciate them.
It is hard to shine in a world full of stars.
Grudges are easy to grab and hard to drop.
Often, wisdom is not found in eloquent or profound speech, but in the tactfulness of of silence in words and actions.
Not everyone can see your vision.
That's why its yours.
Everyone is willing to go along for the ride, only the special ones are willing to journey with you to your destination.
Better to fail in the process of trying, than to try in the process of failing.
The truth is an offence, and reality is a beat down.
People say silence is golden, but silence is actually the absence of substance, and hence, it is a void, waiting to be filled with something golden.
The wise man sounds like a fool where idiots abound.
Eyes see everything, but vision is selective.
The deepest cry of mankind is to be loved.
Not by many, but just... at all.
Bad days should end with good nights.
Isn't it funny in today's world, that we must cringe at the "tolerant" and make friends of the "bigots". Since when did the world become so perfect at standing on its head?
Maturity is not how you act.
It is how you think.
Never grow up.
Evolve your dreams.
It's all good if you can trust someone, but can they trust you?
People don't usually change overnight. Stop expecting that to happen... but that doesn't mean you must lower your expectations. Simply... recalibrate.
Sometimes you need to remind life how amazing it is.
It can get forgetful.
You know who your real friends are when they didn't notice that annoying habit.
Fools poison the minds of their friends.
They tarnish the names of their allies.
Until you have made your purchase, it is okay to window shop. Just remember that the items are only for display and not for handling, and there is no return policy; so choose wisely.
A man without goals, dreams and visions, is like a rocket without a destination.

Stay away.
Pride makes fools of the greatest men, and vassals out of the richest of nations.
People surround what they won't say with what they do say. This tells you what they really want to say.
The problem with our world today is that we want to turn everything on its head, but we don't want anything to have a head, so all we are doing is perpetually turning.
The ones you hold in the least esteem, or for whom you have the least respect, are the easiest for you to offend, without realizing, or caring that you have, indeed, offended.
All the movies you watch, comics you rave over, and novels you read, would not have existed if the little children who got laughed at for dreaming, allowed those dreams to die.

Now today, those same dreams shape the world.
There is no greater way to send a message than to say nothing at all.
Propaganda strokes the ego of those who will to be ignorant.
If you can fit all of your eggs into one basket, then you need to get some bigger eggs.
It is impossible to help, advise or save someone who can only see themselves as a hero without blemish.
There is such beauty in having someone to love.
The ones we take least seriously are often the ones with the greatest impact potential.
You cannot receive if you are unwilling to give.
You can know too much for your own good. Sometimes it is good to just be the "average idiot" with regards to every subject on the planet. No one likes the walking encyclopaedia.
If you can effect positive change in a single person, even for just a moment, you have totally changed the world, and the course of history.
Just because you are master of all trades doesn't mean Jack can't teach you, and if he can't - then you are a fool.
Humans celebrate everything that is wrong with the world and get mad when people try to fix it.
Keep your cool even if you've walked yourself into the oven.
Sarcasm is a human tactic. You're still not fooling anyone when you try to use it tactfully.
It causes more way more pain to hurt yourself, just like you cannot run away from a match if you hold it in your hand.
The farther you creep, the more toes you will step on, and the more you will be crushed. The higher you climb, the harder they will pull on your tail.
You can choose to be offended, but you cannot choose whom you offend.
Music can put your emotions in check. Sometimes your emotional ground is so parched that no amount of laughter-induction can make it open up and drink, even by force. Positive, meaningful music can help.

Or, sometimes, you just need music that identifies with your soul. Either way, play a tune that will speak to your spirit and remind you that life is only as hard as you let it be.
If you're not perfect, then the worst thing you can do is pretend to be.
Been to church recently? Today would be a good day. If you can't go, watch online.
Make light of whatever things make you heavy, and that way you can fly with your burdens.
If someone is not your cup of tea, you don't have to drink.
You don't really lose friends. You just find out who was never your friend to begin with.
If you are waiting for someone else to get it right, you will get left.
The truth only hurts if you are wrong enough to feel it.
You can play forever, but eventually,
the game will end.
Should Rome not have been built because it required more than a day?
There are some people in life who cannot be offended. They are targets, not darts.
Those who help for the glory are not helping at all.
People hate to be reminded that their favourite scape goat has intrinsic burdens of its own to deal with already.
If you want to see your assumptions then your eyes will ignore anything else that really is.
They say respect is not gained, it is earned. But if you have done all that it is expected of you to earn respect, and it is still not given, then what is the true origin of respect?

I say, it is not the one who receives has the control, but it is the one who gives. Either way, live as though you are deserving of respect, and those who do not give it will in time be given what is due to them.
Avoid the life of the leader like the plague.

The higher your are, the easier you are to shoot at. The wider you spread, the more you get stepped on. The more influence you carry, the heavier the burdens others will place on your shoulders.

If possible in life, it is better to be alone and of little meaning, than to be well known and mean everything to everyone yet nothing at all.
Free speech is only free until you've spoken - then there is a cost attached to every word.
Hatred abounds in the branches of ignorance.
In world of masks and mirrors, the honest and truthful person is like a flying hammer with no controller.
Anger is the lovechild of ignorance.
Ignorance thrives in the garden of stubbornness.
When life sucks, find someone who makes you laugh... and cry.
Master all trades. Falter at none.
All humour is anchored in truth.
Every king was once a child, and every big name starts with a single letter.
It takes many cars to break a bridge, but only one statement to break the will.
You won't see other's cards
if you play your whole hand.
If your mouth is a knife,
then your ears will be concrete.
It's okay not to like someone, but hatred takes effort.
A pleasant life belongs to the understanding heart.
Being fair is the only way to live.
It is better to receive the truth than to firmly grasp onto a lie. One cuts, but the other kills.
You'll achieve many things by seeing it through to the end of your plans, but you can never predict the inception of a friendship.
If you feel unimportant in the scheme of things, becoming famous will only make you feel unimportant to a bigger set of people.
Fighting fire with fire just creates a bigger fire.
If you seek to heal a divide, you must understand and appreciate both sides of the chasm. Otherwise, you will firmly plant your feet into rapidly shifting void, making the division larger than it was before.
Just know, if you leave the door open to confusion, chaos may also walk in.
You cannot walk the rough road without feeling the rocks beneath your feet.  letstalk