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What is Anole?

Anole is pure CSS framework for creating stylish, responsive web pages, and stunning, modern web-applications, without itself getting in the way. It's also light, fast, and easy to extend. By default, Anole uses the Lato font family, but you can override this with just two variables (custom properties).

Anole is themed out the box, so you can drop it in your html and go, but, if you want to swap anything, from colours, to styles, even down to layouts, all you have to do is override the appropriate variables.

Since it only uses CSS, Anole does have some limitations compared to similar projects, such as Bootstrap or Foundation, but it seeks to shine on its on by leveraging the power of CSS for all that it's worth. And don't forget, if there's anything that Anole can't do, you can always mix it up with a little javascript of your own, or use it alongside Bootstrap or any other toolkit that provides the feature(s) you need.

If you're looking for fine-grained control over every detail, and a "building blocks" method of design, try my other pure CSS framework: passionfruit .
Some elements, such as this one, and the mobile menu, are hidden until you're on a mobile device or until your screen is below a certain width. You can use Anole's an-hdn-mobile and an-shn-mobile for such responsive capabilities on any element.

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