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FAQ why anole?
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common questions
  • Is Anole free?
    It is open source, and the source code is available on Github. Some themes and extensions may not be free, however, so always check with theme/extension developer.
  • Can I use Anole with XYZ-FRAMEWORK?
    Anole should work with pretty much any framework out there, so long as that framework doesn't use the same class names. That's pretty unlikely to happen, but if you find any conflicts, please report a bug.
  • Why was anole created?
    As a web designer, I wanted to see just how much I could achieve with the sole use of CSS, without sacrificing speed or beauty. What started a personal experiment, evolved into something that others can use.
probably should never be asked:
  • Can I EAT you Anole?
    You could, but you probably shouldn't.
  • Will you marry me, Anole?
    Is that even legal? I mean, I'm flattered and all, but I'm a CSS Framework...
  • you know those little bags of silica...
    Don't even start!
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