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why choose anole?
anole is fast
Anole only relies on CSS by default, and is optimized for both form and function simultaneously. Excessive nesting is avoided so as to improve performance on different form factors.
anole is mobile-ready
By using simple breakpoints, Anole can adapt to any device on the fly. Unlike frameworks such as Bootstrap, Anole has two major classes form handling breakpoints:
For the most part however, you won't need to worry about breakpoints at all, or have duplicates of the same element. Most elements will adjust as needed.
anole is intelligent
Many components adjust to suit their location and role. For instance, look what happens when you put
I'm an example, so it's been added for me!
anole is non-intrusive
Everything is handled exclusively by classes: Anole doesn't set anything by default. You can mix and match with the framework(s) of your choosing, and only pick from anole what you need. Use it alongside Bootstrap, Foundation, Passionfruit, etc. It won't get in your way! That's a promise!
anole is light
By now it's getting repetitive around here, isn't it? Anyway - Anole is light on resources. Your pages should load quickly and smoothly. If you need even more speed, you can use a minified version.